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Wholesale Lamp Shades

If you have a retail outlet, are a design firm, make lamps to sell at shows, or have some other legitmate business we welcome you to purchase our product at wholesale. Please call or EMail us the following information.

**Your business name, address, phone number, contact person, and EMail address.

**Your tax ID number or a copy of your resale certificate or license.

**A brief description of the nature of your business.

Terms and Conditions

**Prices: Subject to change without notice.

**Shades: Each shade is laced with leather on both the top and bottom.

**Terms: We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover or your company check prior to shipment.

**Delivery: Shipments are FOB Goldendale, WA. You are billed the actual shipping cost plus packaging materials.

**Minimums: Your initial order is a full box of shades, you can mix sizes and styles and depending on the mix a box will usually be 10-12 shades. There is no minimum on re-orders.

Wholesale Testimonials

Hi there,

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that your lampshade arrived
and it is absolutely gorgeous! I've included a few photos of the antler lamps
that I just finished. I used the same lampshade for both pictures and it REALLY
looks good. I've made over thirty antler lamps since I first started (back in
college).... and many other small table lamps. I do it as a hobby when I am not
teaching and have given most away... but I REALLY wish I would have known
about your shades/business sooner! NOW I can include your business card as a
place to purchase great rustic shades (already have it neatly tied to my lamp
that I am giving away for a gift).

I hope to buy more shades in the near future... possibly a few more if I find
time to finish the antler chandelier.

Thanks for doing business and keep up the great work!



Hi Debbie

I received the order yesterday. Very nice!!
These should definitely sell. The Mango especially goes well. Rust Curry has already proven itself.

I will send you some pictures when I start assembling these.

Appreciate the quick order Debbie. Good job!!


Hi Debbie

We thought we'd send you a few pics of the lamps we made for our clients. They were over
the moon with the lamps and your shades are absolutely beautiful!! Our clients both are
very impressed with the uniqueness and rustic elegance that you create in your shades.
I'll send some more emails of the rest of the lamps we did for them. We'll be definitely
ordering more in the future with you but for now we've got quite a bit of other commissions
to do for this client, but we've fulfilled all their lamp needs for the moment.
Richard Y.

Hi Debbie

Here are some of the lamps. Really looking forward to having more of your
shades on my lamps.
Thanks again Darryl K

Hi Debbie -

The shades arrived last Friday but I was real busy this weekend and just got around
to opening them this am and I couldn't be more pleased - they are exactly what I had
hoped for in terms of being authentic (grizzly bears actually look like a grizzly bears,
geese look like geese in fine detail, etc), looking really nice and being good and
sturdy and made of quality materials. I am a retired wildlife biologist and it always
bugs me to see wildlife works of art where things are out of proportion or not right in
other ways. In addition to being real works of art, you obviously have also figured out
exactly how to pack them to insure they arrive safely given any reasonable handling by
the transporters. We will see if our potential buyers are as impressed with them as
we are. Thanks for a quality product and fast service.


Thank you so much for your fast, fast shipping! I have your shades sitting all
over my living room admiring them! They are wonderful! We love them! I am confident
that they will add the finishing touch we want with our lamps. I'll send you some
pictures when I get them atop our lamps at our show! They arrived in perfect shape
and neatly packed. Very unique packing! :) Can I store them the same way until our show?

Thank you again! Love them!

Hello Debbie,

I meant to write to you sooner, but its been a whirlwind since we have been back from our
show in Whitefish, Montana. Our show went well, maybe not as well as we had hoped, but we
had a few big sales and a couple follow up orders that made it successful. People really
loved your shades and I gave out your website address to quite a few. Lamps were not big
sellers this time. Sometimes they go like hotcakes, other times hardly at all. We did sell
one of our big floor lamps with your largest shade on it that we purchased.

You will also be happy to hear that one of your shades now resides on a lamp we sold to none
other than Wayne Newton. He stopped in our booth with his family and bought quite a few of
our items. The lamp was one of them because of your shade. They loved the hidden Indian
Village. We actually got to deliver it along with the other items, to his home on Flathead
Lake and visit with him for awhile! It made our weekend! What a treat and what a great
story to tell.

Thanks again for your great work and beautiful shades.

Thanks again!

Hi Debbie,

Beautiful shades! Thank you so much! I'm glad to be able to offer such nice shades
to my customers, it should make my lamps stand out compared to those who order the usual
shades from the taxidermy supply companies. I will let you know when I need some more.


Hi Debbie,

We received the lamp shades yesterday - they're absolutely awesome! Very nice work
and great packaging. We'll be putting them on display today.

Thanks again Debbie! Great work!


Debbie, this is Charley with Big Sky Antler Works in Potomac, Mt. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy the beautiful lamp shades that you build. It really means a lot when someone takes pride in there product!! I would like to share with you a few of my lamps that I built. Thanks so much, I will be placing another order soon.


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